Acrylic Gel

  •6 years classic formula 
•Big-5 Free: No Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA 
or Camphor. Cruelty-Free. Vegan-Friendly.
•Zero Dehydration, Staining or Weakening
•One layer color coverage 
•Several thousand colors for you choose
Product details

Acrylic Gel

Brand Name

Oyasy Acrylic Gel

Soak Off

Remove with Acetone


36  Colors

Density (g/m3)



1 kilo 1 color


24 Months



Free Sample


Lasting Period

3 Weeks or Above


Healthy and Eco-friendly


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1. it is not . self-leveling 

2. It does not harden until it is cured in an led or UV Lamp .

3.it has putty like consistency, it doesn't stick to a brush.

4.The product doesn't move until you apply pressure.


UV & LED  Lamp


Provide OEM/ODM Service


5g,7.5g,10g,12g,15g  in Jar

Bulk packing 1000g,5000g


Paypal, T/T

Why buy Oyasy Acrylic gel /acryl gel?

We used to sell different nail art gel and gathered customer feedback of what they like and disliked and decided to developed our own acryl Gel which is a higher quality gel, not sticky/runny like other brands and is easier to work with.

How to Apply Oyasy Acrylic gel:

  1. Push the cuticles back, make sure there's no cuticle on the nail plate
  2. Gently file the shine off the nail plate
  3. Cleanse with alcohol based cleanser wipes
  4. Apply Base coat and cure 2 minutes/1 minute under 36W UV Lamp/ 36W LED or combo Lamp
  5. Use a gel brush dipped in poly slip solution to apply Acryl gel with nail gel slice tool and gently pat in place.
  6. If applying as an overlay or extend on tips apply 2 layers curing each time (2min in 36W UV lamp, 1min in 36W LED or combo lamp), making sure to make thin first layer and build an apex and correct structure for added strength with second layer
  7. If applying using forms to sculpt a nail, apply form and apply 1st thin layer patting down over the form to the length required and cure and apply second layer, making sure to build an apex and correct structure for added strength
  8. Remove form and wipe nail, shape and buff nails.

Recommended curing times are based on a 36 watt UV Lamp or 36 watt LED Lamp. Increase cure times if using other lamp.

This gel can be used with nail forms or nail pops/molds. If you require the bundle deal which has Acryl nail gel, nail forms or pops and brush please feel free let us know. Thanks.

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